Time to Move

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Joanna skipped up the walk and rang the doorbell. Then she burst into her neighbor's house. "Grammie! Guess what? Daddy's coming to get us. He'll be here tomorrow, and we'll leave next week!" Joanna spun around on tiptoes.

Grammie sighed as she hobbled into the room. "I thought he was going to wait until school was out before he moved you to the coast."

"That was the plan, but Daddy said he couldn't wait any longer! He has to have his family with him." Joanna stopped short. "I wish you were really my grandma and could move there with us."

Grammie smiled. "Well, I'll miss you, honey, but you and your family need to be with your father," she said. "Maybe I can visit you someday."

That evening, as Mom and Joanna were busily getting some things packed for their trip, the telephone rang. After talking to someone a few minutes,

Mom sank into a chair and closed her eyes. As she turned to Joanna, she wiped a tear from her eye. "I have to tell you some sad news, honey," she said. "That call was from Mrs. Palmer. She and her husband live on the other side of Grammie Wilson." Mom sighed, then continued. "They just found Grammie. She was sitting in her rocking chair, looking as if she were asleep, but they couldn't rouse her. She apparently died from a heart attack."

"Oh no, Mom! That can't be," Joanna cried out. "I just saw her a few hours ago, and she was fine."

"I know," said Mom, wrapping her arms around Joanna, "but the Lord took her home to heaven. She's happy now with Him."

That night, Joanna sighed sadly as Mom tucked her into bed. "Try to sleep," said Mom. "Tomorrow Dad will be here."

"I guess Grammie's heavenly Father just couldn't wait any longer to have her with Him," said Joanna.

Mom nodded. "Yes," she said. "It was time for her to move to His house."

Joanna looked at Mom thoughtfully. "Do you think Grammie was as glad to see her heavenly Father as I will be to see my daddy?"

"I'm sure of it," Mom replied. "Yes, I'm sure of it!"

How About You?
Has someone you love moved to heaven lately? Of course, you will miss that person, but try not to be too sad. Remember that when a Christian dies, he is simply moving to a better place. Think of the joy he is experiencing by being with his heavenly Father. And if you are a child of God, some day you'll move to your heavenly Father's house, too--you'll move to heaven.

Today's Key Verse:
We have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. (2 Corinthians 5:1)

Today's Key Thought:
Death is just a move