Something Good

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"Tonight I have to memorize a bunch of dates about the Civil War," Cody complained as he and his brother and sister pulled up chairs around the kitchen table to do their homework. "We're being tested on them tomorrow." He pulled his history book out of his backpack.

Austin opened his history book, too. "Well, I'm learning about Revolutionary War battles," he said. "They're not so easy to keep straight, either."

Armed with a newspaper, scissors, paper, and a glue stick, Sara grinned at her brothers. "Don't you all just wish you were in my grade?" she asked. "All I have to do is to cut out articles for our current events project."

Cody laughed. "Don't cut out anything important--like the comics," he warned.

The kids worked quietly for a while; then Sara sighed. "All the articles are about things like hurricanes and wars and crimes and earthquakes. It would be nice to have a few good things to report."

Austin looked up. "There must be something good in there," he said. "After all, politicians on TV always talk about how they're gonna make the world a better place."

"Yeah," said Cody. "Some promise to get world leaders to discuss stuff and quit fighting. But isn't there always war in some countries, Mom?"

Mom, who was preparing dinner, slipped a chicken dish into the oven along with potatoes. She nodded. "Yes," she agreed, "but we really shouldn't be surprised by that."

"We shouldn't? Why not?" Sara asked.

"Leaders talk about peace but leave God out of the picture," Mom explained. "Without Him, there will never be permanent peace on earth. The Bible says there will always be wars and rumors of war."

Sara shivered and pulled her sweater closer. "That's kind of scary," she said. "Who knows what awful things might be happening by the time we grow up!"

"We can have peace of mind no matter what happens," said Mom, getting out lettuce to make a salad. "We know God is in control, working His perfect plan. Best of all, someday He will come back to take us to be with Him forever."

Cody grinned at Sara. "There you go," he said. "That's good news! Maybe you can put that in your report even if it didn't come from the paper."

How About You?
Do you wonder why there are so many reports of war and other troubles? Do you feel afraid when you hear about bombings and huge storms and terrorists? Remember that God is still in control. Trust Him--not promises made by people--and enjoy peace in your heart in spite of the dreadful things that go on in the world. Look forward to the time Jesus will come again to take those who love Him to heaven where they'll be with Him forever.

Today's Key Verse:
The peace of God . . . will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 4:7)

Today's Key Thought:
Only God gives real peace