Bee Smart

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With her mouth ajar, Julie stared at the television set. Those pictures are terrible--they're wicked! she thought, but she didn't turn the TV off right away. Before she knew it, the show was over, and she'd watched it all.

As Julie turned off the TV, her mother came into the room. "I'm glad you shut that off," said Mom with a smile. "So much stuff on TV has a bad influence on us, whether we realize it or not." Feeling guilty, Julie nodded. "It's kind of like . . ." Mom paused as the back door slammed, and little Toby came in crying. "What's wrong, honey?" asked Mom.

Toby raised his chubby little hand and showed his mother a large red welt. "I got stinged by a gwate big bee," he sobbed. "I was playing with my twuck, and the bee stinged me."

"Come on--we'll go take care of that," said Mom putting an arm around Toby.

Julie watched as Mom checked to make sure the stinger was out and gently washed the sore spot. "My science book says bees put a little poison in your skin when they sting you," Julie said.

"If it's just a little poison, why does it hurt so lot?" Toby asked.

"So much," Julie corrected him, then answered his question. "I guess a little poison goes a long way."

Toby went out to play, but every now and then he came back in to say the sting still hurt.

Julie sighed. She was having problems, too--problems of a different kind. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't erase from her mind the images she had seen on TV. They stayed with her when she went to play outside, when she did her chores, and when tried to read.

Toby frowned as he came back in. "That bee had lots of poison, not just a little," he announced.

Mom smiled and gave him a hug as she spoke to Julie. "That reminds me of what I started to say about so many TV programs," said Mom. "The poison in a bee's stinger is something like the influence television or other things of the world can have on a Christian. Just a little bad language or a few wrong pictures can go a long way toward having a bad effect on a person's thoughts."

Julie nodded. She'd found out how true that was.

How About You?
Are you careful about what you see on TV? Be smart and turn the television off if there's nothing worth watching. But it's not only TV that influences your thoughts. Books, magazines, and movies do, too. If they cause you to have bad or unwholesome thoughts, put them away or throw them in the trash. Satan likes to sting you--to fill your thoughts with poison. Don't let him do that. Ask Jesus to help you keep your mind and thoughts pure.

Today's Key Verse:
I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.
(Psalm 101:3)

Today's Key Thought:
Don't let Satan poison your mind