Jared’s List

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Jared frowned as he slowly climbed the steps, unlocked the door, and entered the apartment. He looked at the note his mother had left. It listed the chores he needed to do. Jared slammed his books on the table. "I hate being home alone!" he muttered. "Why did Dad take off and leave us?"

Jared was still grumbling when his mother arrived home. "Hi, honey," she greeted him as she entered the room. "How was school?"

Hearing his mom sigh, Jared turned to see her rub her forehead. "Are you okay?" he asked anxiously. "Does your head hurt?"

Mom tried to smile. "I'm all right. It's just that life seems so complicated at times," she explained. "I'm afraid I get overwhelmed once in a while, and then I begin to feel angry and sorry for myself. I shouldn't do that."

"I was feeling pretty angry, too," said Jared. "I hate being alone. I hate that Dad walked out on us. I hate that you have to work so hard."

Suddenly Mom chuckled. "We sound pathetic," she said, taking a bunch of grapes from a bowl on the counter. She handed it to Jared and took another for herself. "Instead of grumbling, let's start thinking about how good God is. For each grape we eat, let's name one blessing He's given us." She grinned and popped a grape in her mouth. "I'm thankful for . . . the dishwasher."

"Yeah," Jared mumbled, "but . . ." He stopped when he saw Mom shake her head. "Oh, okay. I'm thankful for . . . uh . . . I'm thankful you're home."

"So am I, and I'm thankful we have a place to live, and that I have a job," Mom continued.

"These grapes are good," said Jared, eating another one, "but I'm glad for the microwave so you can fix dinner fast. I'm hungry! Can we eat now?"

Mom laughed. "Yes, and I'm thankful that we have food to fix," she said. "I'm thankful that you and I have a heavenly Father who provides for us."

"Me, too, and. . ." Jared hesitated. "And that He will never leave us," he whispered. "I'm sorry I complained. We do have everything we really need, don't we, Mom?"

"We do."Mom hugged Jared. "And I'm thankful we have each other, too," she added. "We can encourage each other to count our blessings."

How About You?
Do you get discouraged, lonely, or angry about difficult things in your life? Do you forget to give thanks for the many good things you have? Instead of grumbling about the hard circumstances you have to deal with, try making a list of the blessings God has given you--you can use the next page to do that. You may discover you have more to give thanks for than you realized.

Today's Key Verse:
In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Today's Key Thought:
Count your blessings