Reaching Goals

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April trudged into the kitchen and piled a stack of books on the counter. "What do you plan to do with all of those?" Mom asked in surprise.

"These," April began dramatically, "are the makings of 'As' on my report card." She laughed. "Well, maybe not all 'As', but my goal is to make as many as I can. And the way to do that is to study harder."

"Good for you!" Mom approved.

A week later, April came home triumphant. She ran to find Mom, who was washing windows. "Look!" exclaimed April. "I got an A in both English and math."

"Great," said Mom, giving the window one last swipe.

April nodded happily, but then a discouraged frown creased her forehead. "That was the good part of the day," she said slowly, "but all of it wasn't quite as cool. Jennifer told me I wasn't a very good Christian. Can you believe that? She's the one who isn't a good Christian. She made fun of my new shirt."

"And how did you respond?" Mom asked.

"Well, I . . . I got mad and told her what I thought," April admitted. She sighed. "I wish I didn't do things like that. I really do want to be a good witness. How come I blow it all the time?"

"Let's think about it," said Mom. "How did you reach your goal of making more 'As' in school?"

"By studying harder," replied April.

Mom nodded. "It took diligence, didn't it? Another of your goals is to be a good witness, and it will also take diligence to reach that goal."

"Diligence? What's that?" April asked.

"It's working hard and not giving up," replied Mom. "You saw the results when you did that with your schoolwork, and if you do the work needed to learn to be a good witness, you'll see results there, too."

"But what kind of work would I do for that?" April asked.

"Well, it includes Bible reading and prayer," Mom replied. "It includes striving in God's strength to live as you should-learning to not lose your temper and to show the fruit of God's Spirit in your life."

April thought for a minute. Then she smiled. "I've been studying my school books a lot," she said. "I think I better go study my Bible for a while now."

How About You?
What are your goals? Do some of them relate specifically to living for the Lord? What are you doing to accomplish them? Hard work is necessary to reach all kinds of goals, but the results are worth the effort. To accomplish spiritual goals, learn what God says in His Word. Ask Him to help you develop the fruit of the Spirit-the qualities listed in today's Scripture reading. Be diligent. With God's help, you can learn to live the way He wants you to live and reach your goals.

Today's Key Verse:
Galatians 5:22-25

Today's Key Thought:
Work hard to reach goals