• Back to School, Back to Healthier School Meals - USDA.gov (press release) (blog) - 09/17/2015

    USDA.gov (press release) (blog)

  • Back to School, Back to Healthier School Meals - USDA.gov (press release) (blog) - 09/17/2015

    USDA.gov (press release) (blog)

  • Back to School, Back to Healthier School Meals - USDA.gov (press release) (blog) - 09/17/2015

    USDA.gov (press release) (blog)

  • Banana Chocolate Cake - 09/16/2015

    How talented are you when it comes to cakes? Can you make a cake by your own? At first sight this recipe might seem to be just a classic chocolate cake but it is not! Start baking this banana chocolate cake and you will realize that you need to have this recipe in your recipe book. Do you want to...

  • Disney Princess Cupcake Frenzy - 09/16/2015

    Elsa opens a cupcake store and makes the most delicious cupcakes ever! Every disney princess becomes cupcake frenzy! Help Elsa serve every princess who comes into the store with an order. Work as fast as you could to make cupcakes as they requested so you could level up. Choose upgrade to buy more...

  • Lego Chima Coloring - 09/15/2015

    Lego Chima came back with a new interesting game. This time you can color all elements and characters present in Chima Lego toys. Cragger the crocodile, the lion which is the main character and the Flying Eagle. Enjoy!

  • Love Story - 09/15/2015

    Love Story is a block collapse puzzle game. In this game your goal is to remove all the blocks in order to let the girl and boy meet. You can remove 2 or more similar blocks by clicking them using mouse. The similar blocks must be horizontally adjacent or vertically adjacent. Inst: Use mouse to...

  • Barbie Sparkle Princess - 09/12/2015

    Barbie loves the bling bling sparkle dresses! Check out her wardrobe, there are so many beautiful sparkle outfits. Could you help her choose the most dazzling dress and accessries so she could become a sparkle princess? Have fun! Instructions: Use your mouse to play.

  • Minion Party House Cleanup - 09/12/2015

    Gru is throwing a party for the kids, but his room is a mess! So he asks the minion to clean up the room. Could you help him? Play this fun cleanup game from colordesigngames.com! Instructions: Use your mouse to drag items to correct position. Press HINT button if you need some clues.

  • Raspberry Cake - 09/12/2015

    Which one of you has ever made a raspberry cake? Even if you have never done it before, it is not too late. Today we will teach you how to make the greatest raspberry cake. It is one of the most delicious cakes I have ever eaten! These fruits look very fresh and juicy so they would make an amazing...

  • Baby Lisi Fashion Show - 09/12/2015

    Would you like to travel the world together with Baby Lisi, her mother and little Baby brother Jo? Baby Lisi has the chance to visit China, America, India and Egypt and visiting stores that have traditional clothing. Cool right? However Baby Lisi needs help to choose the perfect outfit because she...

  • Dora At Park - 09/10/2015

    Today is a lovely sunny day. So Dora and her best friends forever decides to go the new park in the city. They can’t wait to play interesting games with your help. So let’s start now! Instructions:Use your mouse to play.

  • Baby Twin Trouble - 09/10/2015

    Taking care about twin is not an easy things to do, especially with Anna and Peter. Because if they are hungry or unhappy, they will cry a lot. A terrible thing that nobody wants to happen right? So give them exactly toys they wants and feed them with yummy food. Enjoy this baby caring game. Instructions:Use...

  • Tom and Angela Cat Makeup Baby Room - 09/10/2015

    Friends, let play Angela and Tom cat new game. you know? They have 3 small siblings, they are very cute, Angela and Tom cat needs help mom care for their 3 small siblings. Distinctive small cats are showgirlgames brand design. cute, pretty kitten very naughty, they played in the room to mess, Angela...

  • French Bread Omelette Pizza - 09/10/2015

    Are you in a cooking mood today? And you’re not exactly sure what you feel like eating? You feel really, really hungry? Then you need a high protein dish! A pizza or an omelette maybe? If you still can’t decide, why not combine the two and make a French Bread Omelette Pizza! It’s easy to make,...

  • Super Kawaii Match - 09/05/2015

    Super kawaii blocks is a classical match 3 game with new power ups and levels where you need to line up 3 or more of the same type of kawaii next to each other horizontally or vertically to make a match. To win a level clear all blocks to final layer. Instructions: Use mouse to play this game.

  • Rock N Royals Erika Makeover - 09/05/2015

    Erika, the Rock 'N' Royals Barbie girl needs to perform a musical night in her town today. She needs to get ready and look attractive to her fans. You have to help her doing the best facial make up and then dress her up in fantastic attire. Treat her face with beauty creams to make it glow and pep...

  • Minion School Test - 09/05/2015

    Minion is facing a major test at criminal school of Scarlet Ovekill, she is looking for a partner to give the greatest breaking of the richest bank in the world. For this crime Scarlet needs someone who has an very high IQ. Help this minion to respond correctly to all questions in a timely manner,...

  • Delicious Hot Spicy Pizza - 09/04/2015

    Who does not love pizza? Make the perfect one using some flavors and spices that will delight your taste. As an accomplished chef you should choose the best ingredients to make the perfect hot spicy pizza. Is very simple and fast! Everyone will love this dish! Have fun and good luck! Instructions...

  • Ever After High Blondie Dressup - 09/04/2015

    Blondie is a character very loved by children. It's a beautiful young lady with pale skin, big blue eyes and blond hair, like her name though. In this game of dressing, you have to find the most beautiful clothes and accessories that you think are suitable for Blondie. Select hairstyle, skin color,...